POPULAR- World Cup soccer bracelets (6PCS COMBO)

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World Cup soccer bracelets (6PCS COMBO)

Detailed introduction of crystal function:

  1. The effect of amethyst :It can strengthen memory, help thinking and increase memory ability. It is especially suitable for students and office workers who are often unable to concentrate and need to use their brains for a long time. It brings them a good regulating effect.
  2. The effect of aventurine :It is effective for cardiopulmonary problems and can increase muscle flexibility. It is most commonly used to treat heart, relieve stress, help sleep and eye diseases.
  3. The effect of lapis :Lapis lazuli can help stimulate the thyroid gland, speed up metabolism, and help the skin and circulatory system ;Lapis lazuli can enhance insight, resolution, and calm anger and irritability.
  4. The effect of obsidian :Strengthen the kidneys, absorb sickness, improve sleep; improve alcoholism, smoking, and drug addiction.
  5. The effect of Red jasper :Women who wear red jasper can increase affinity, strengthen women's beautiful, noble, and kind temperament, and can improve gynecological problems. Red jasper can enhance the function of sexual organs and promote sexual coordination between husband and wife.



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